Publisher Services

With almost two decades of experience in commercial publishing, Greenpoint Monitor Consulting (GMC) provides a range of services related to academic publishing across global markets.

GMC excels in services that meet the needs of commercial, non-profit, and open access publishers, including expert research, guidance, development, implementation, and management services related to:

  • Investment opportunities and M&A analyses.
  • Market research and customer contact.
  • New product strategies and proposals.
  • Business plan development.
  • Process improvement and efficiency reviews
  • Content acquisition and licensing.
  • Author/advisor recruitment and management.
  • Platform and software development, and vendor negotiations.
  • Access models and pricing strategies.
  • Portfolio review and competitive analyses.
  • Go-to-market strategies and tactics.
  • Customer/business partner relationship management.

Areas of Specialization: Digital Archives and Digital Humanities

Whether your company or academic press has an established primary sources publishing program or is just considering entering the market, GMC has the hands-on experience and long-term, strategic partner relationships to help your business grow and be successful.

Publishers are increasingly shifting their content and services to better meet demands in the burgeoning field of digital humanities education and research. This not only includes adding dynamic visualizations tools and advanced text and data mining software to existing platforms, but changes to the models and formats in which content is provided (content as data).

Recognizing the natural intersection between large, primary source collections and digital humanities research techniques, GMC has been actively working to support efforts in these areas. With publishing experience as a provider of content, and as a student-practitioner in digital humanities-driven research, GMC will bring this experience to bear on your company’s own efforts to meet this area of growing demand—and revenue growth.