Greenpoint Monitor Consulting (GMC) provides a range of services related to academic education and research across global markets, and inclusive of libraries and archives, publishing companies, and academic presses.

GMC provides services that meet the needs of commercial, non-profit, and open access publishers, including expert research, development, guidance, recommendations, and implementation of:

  • Investment opportunities and M&A analyses.
  • Market research and customer contact.
  • New product strategies and proposals.
  • Business plan development.
  • Process improvement and efficiency reviews
  • Content acquisition and licensing.
  • Author/advisor recruitment and management.
  • Platform and software development, and vendor negotiations.
  • Access models and pricing strategies.
  • Portfolio review and competitive analyses.
  • Go-to-market strategies and tactics.
  • Customer/business partner relationship management.

GMC also provides guidance and advice to libraries, archives, and other institutions in managing relationships with publishers, licensing and contracting databases, services, and products with vendors, and negotiating institutional or departmental pricing and access models.

Services include:

  • Negotiation of licensing agreements with publishers for content held or created by an institution.
  • End-to-end management of library/archive-based digitization programs, including pan-institutional projects.
  • Grant and funding research, CFPs and RFPs preparation and submission.
  • Faculty and patron engagement strategies and programs, to drive awareness of library services and value.
  • Vendor negotiations and relationship management.

Areas of expertise:

  • Digital primary source archives.
  • Digital humanities.
  • Library databases, including primary sources, journals, reference, data, multimedia, periodicals, and audio content.
  • Relationship management, including customers, content partners, government/NGO entities, learned societies, distribution partners, scholarly organizations, library associations, and other related organizations.

About Ray Abruzzi (Senior Consultant)

With an emphasis on library databases and other publishing platforms geared to institutional access models, Ray has over 17 years of experience in academic publishing, mapping content and software to varying needs across education and research around the globe. After making a start in publishing in the mail room of a trade publisher focused on college stores and government food service (!), Ray began his first “real” publishing job at the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers (now Thomasnet), editing company listings. Following that, Ray worked for two years at WestLaw, mainly on publications related to securities guidance and SEC rulings, and editing the Securities Regulation Law Journal.

Ray entered the world of academic publishing in 2000, beginning as an editor developing print reference sets. This work morphed into a role as product manager for newly-emerging publishing platforms during the transition from print to digital. Ray built and managed library databases which integrated content from proprietary, licensed, and public domain sources into “resource centers” and which served the needs of students and faculty, primarily in history and literature.

In 2002, Ray began working on the digitization of primary source collections, developing and maintaining relationships with over 350 libraries and archives around the world to identify, catalog, conserve, digitize, and make accessible unique and valuable content for education and research through library databases. Ray led a team which managed a program of over 200 discrete products, with over 250M pages of content spanning seven centuries of history and culture.

This work carried Ray well into the world of digital humanities research, and most recently, he has been working at the intersection of the digital offerings of publishers with evolving needs of students, libraries, faculty, and researchers in the digital humanities, working to make data sets and content available in ways that tie to each institution’s needs and outcomes.

Ray is a student at Columbia University, and lives with his family in Brooklyn, NY.

A full CV, published works, interviews, and other media coverage are available here.