Libraries and Archives

Greenpoint Monitor Consulting (GMC) supports libraries!

GMC provides guidance and advice to libraries, archives, and other institutions in managing relationships with publishers, licensing and contracting databases and products with vendors, and negotiating pricing and access models. Services also include negotiating licensing agreements with publishers for content held or created by the institution.

Having managed relationships and partnerships with over 350 libraries around the world, GMC understands the missions of libraries and archives through personal experience. There are numerous ways a library can boost its profile on campus or within the community they serve, and create awareness of the access, services, research and educational support, and other benefits they bring to their patrons.

GMC will work with your library or archive to:

  • Create proposals related to primary source digitization programs, based on your institution’s holdings, including end-to-end management.
  • Develop relationships with outside publishing partners, to bring your institution’s content to a worldwide audience of students, researchers, and faculty.
  • Research and write grant proposals, RFPs, and CFPs across government, NGO/foundation, and commercial funding opportunities.
  • Develop meaningful relationships with faculty and other stakeholders through library-driven events, meetings, and conferences.